Fern, the Stars and the Planets by Fern C. Michonski. Celebrate cultural diversity on an intergalactic scale as children's singer/entertainer Fern opens up a whole new world on her latest recording. Fern delivers musical messages about living in harmony and peace with our fellow inhabitants, understanding the world around us and racial tolerance. Also, don't miss Kids! Christmas! Fern! and follow Fern's insights, snappy lyrics and memorable music through her own Christmas journey.


The hosts of our children's music program, The Playground, are constantly bombarded with requests for your music and performance dates. From what I have been told, "Fern is among the most popular children's performer on WERS-FM, and certainly, one of the most requested artists."

Kym Marie Donnellan WERS--Boston . Emerson 88.9 FM

You and Charlie were definitely the highlight of our Children's Fair. As you could tell by the bright happy faces of the hundreds of children singing along and participating, you were really a big hit! You provided just what we were hoping for...interactive entertainment for kids! Enncouraging them all to get up and shake and dance and sing...what could be more fun than that?!

Newport Winter Festival

Fern & Charlie Chipmunk sure had the audience just rocking and reeling with nearly 100% participation which included children through seniors. I was most impressed with the quality and positive messages in Fern's Music, the love & warmth which exudes from their performances, and the high level of skill and talent they display in their energy packed performaces. To know Fern as an individual is an honor, to work with her team is a winner.

Wandering Willie Productions--Greenfield, MA

The performance by Fern & Charlie Chipmunk was wonderful! You absolutely delighted our Mall audience and added lots of excitement and fun to Telethon Day!

Cerebral Palsy Telethon---Western Massachusetts

About Fern's Music for Kids

Fern Michonski of Fern’s Music is a Preschool Music Education Expert: The Children’s Advocate for Love and Kindness, Inspiring Creativity and Joy.

Fern is on a mission to teach children to love one another through her music.

Her high-energy mix of Shari Lewis & Raffi, sparks kid’s imaginations and makes laughter and joy an adventure, all wrapped up with a hug. Fern is the grown-up who never grew up and celebrates that—in the best possible way—through her music.

Her lively, toe-tapping melodies captivate the young-at-heart by proving the things we all know to be true: that teddy-bears are essential, aliens are real (and friendly), that the earth is a magical place, and, sometimes, the only pick-me-up we need is a little Irish jig.

USA TODAY recognized Fern’s talent when they recommended her Christmas album nationwide, “Original songs by Fern give a whimsical spin to traditional Christmas lore”—Karen Thomas; children demonstrated their affinity for her music by requesting her songs so many times that she became one of the most requested artists on “The Playground,” (a well-known children’s radio program on the Boston station WERS); Wireless Flash News featured her from coast to coast; and Virgin Mobil presented her as the face of their 2004 ad campaign.

A former dancer, pianist, and preschool director, Fern has drawn on her experience in education and music to develop music, stories, and interactive exercises that simultaneously teach and entertain children. In addition to performing live throughout New England, Fern has six CDs on the market: “Kids! Dance With Fern!” “Kids! Christmas! Fern!” “Kids! Off To Dreamland With Fern!” “Fern, the Stars & the Planets!” “Hopping Into Easter With Fern” and “Angels Are Out With You Today”.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Fern’s best friend is a 6-foot-tall chipmunk named Charlie, her own costume character companion during stage performances. In Fern’s own words, when she’s on stage with Charlie she is “in her element.”

Fern has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and is certified in both Elementary Education and Music Education.

“Fern, the Stars and the Planets” by Fern C. Michonski celebrates cultural diversity on an intergalactic scale. Fern delivers musical messages about living in harmony and peace with our fellow inhabitants, understanding the world around us and racial tolerance. This CD features 10 original songs that educate and stimulate the imagination, such as “The Galactic Hop Bop”, “The Carousel in the Sky”, “Handyman from Outer Space” and “The Planets”.

The goal of this CD is to stimulate and expand a child’s natural fascination with outer-space and to teach them that no matter what we look like, no matter what color our skin is, or where we’re from, we should be willing to greet one another without fear or violence, to learn from one another and to love one another—cultural diversity on a cosmic scale!

Widgy-Wodgy (translated “We like you and you like us”), featured in the chorus of the songs “The Aliens” and “The Galactic Hop Bop”, has captured the imaginations of hundreds of children who are dancing along to “the alien dance beat.”


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